Manage your variables

by darkapus

Markdown variables are stored / wrote at the top of your document :

title: Sensibilis - Static Flexible CMS - Markdown Online edition
author: Benjamin Baschet
showMarkdown: true
path: /home

  • first occurence before " : " is the key
  • second occurence after " : " is the value

Example :

stringkey: stringvalue

true and false string are considered as boolean value

  • if there is no occurence after " : ", that mean the value will be an array. To compose an array, need to start by " - "

Example :

    - arrayvalue1
    - arrayvalue2
    - arrayvalue3

All variable will be transfer to your twig document

// for example

<body> Hello my name is {{stringkey}}

Keyword Mandatory Used For
path Yes Needed to know the path for the url
site No Which configuration site to use
tags No tags are used to design your website with some link
draft No If draft equals to true, the document will not be published
delete No If delete equals to true, the document will be delete